Mario Zovko

  • Mario Zovko, born 24.03.1983. in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    He graduated from Informatics and a business organization, in the field of process computer science engineer. He is a versatile musician whose first musical steps began with the age of seven when he made his first solo performance as a member of the school choir.
    He has spent all his life so far in a hometown he did not leave during the Homeland War. At that time he learned to play several musical instruments, starting with several types of tamburitza, mandolin and later guitars.


Piano learned to play during high school and later developed the technique of the instrument at the Sarajevo Academy of Music. It is characterized by self-interest in art, primarily in music. In his early years, he worked on painting where he won numerous awards and accolades, and today he also deals with photography. He can play over ten different musical instruments. Of the above instruments, the very highest voice was its voice. When studying solo singing at the aforementioned academy, his rare talents have been discovered, and that is the absolute hearing.


For years he has gained various experiences through numerous solo performances in his country as well as many European countries. He also deals with composing, music production, writing songs and literature.

A versatile musician

So he often publishes songs that he signs as a complete author including text, music, arrangement, production, and vocals.
In addition to the individual songs he composed and released, he has inspired the audience primarily abroad, he is the author of the album Sacred arias and the literary novel "God and me: 1 on 1".

The greatest success in a rich career is that he wrote a hymn for Manchester United, which he presented as an anthem in the soccer champions league at his Old Trafford Stadium.

The Administration of the Association of Fan Supporters of Another Real Madrid Grand Prix demanded from Zovka to match a solemn gold and their club. He also accepted this challenge, and the aura mentioned became one of the official hymns and football institutions.
The public recognized the cultural contribution of its city of Mostar and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was nominated for the Person of the Year in the category of "Success of the Year", and was twice named in the State as the Person of the Day.